AT&T data leak on dark web included passcodes and SSNs

AT&T recently reset passcodes for millions of customer accounts after a massive data leak surfaced on the dark web. The leak impacted 7.6 million current account holders and 65 million former account holders, the company stated. The data included sensitive information such as names, email addresses, Social Security numbers, and other personal details.

The company took action after being notified by Techcrunch about the data leak, which included encrypted passcodes that could be easily deciphered. AT&T conducted a thorough investigation with internal and external cybersecurity experts and found no evidence of unauthorized access that could have led to the leak.

In response to the breach, AT&T is reaching out to affected customers and offering credit monitoring where applicable. The company also recommended that impacted customers reset their passwords and set up free fraud alerts with the major credit bureaus.

This incident comes on the heels of a nationwide cellular service outage in February, which affected millions of AT&T customers for nearly 12 hours. The outage was attributed to a software update gone awry, not a cyberattack. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are currently investigating the source of the outage.

Overall, AT&T is taking proactive steps to address the data leak and ensure the security and privacy of its customers. The company's response includes resetting passcodes, contacting affected customers, and providing resources for credit monitoring. As the investigation into the source of the leak continues, AT&T remains committed to addressing any vulnerabilities and safeguarding customer information.


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