Apple may outsource AI work to Google

Apple, a company known for its perfectionism, is reportedly exploring a licensing agreement with Google to bring the search giant's Gemini AI model to iPhones. The potential deal, described as a "blockbuster" by Bloomberg, could see the AI technology integrated into iOS 18.

The move comes as Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted at the company's interest in artificial intelligence, despite the messy reality of the technology. AI, as seen with Google's Gemini model, has faced criticism for producing inaccurate results and perpetuating biases.

By partnering with Google, Apple could potentially avoid some of the pitfalls associated with AI technology while still benefiting from its capabilities. The rumored agreement could provide Apple with new generative AI features that could help boost sales of iPhones, particularly in markets like China where competition from local smartphone makers is strong.

While Apple may be relying on Google for its AI technology in the short term, the company has also been quietly working on its own AI models. A recent paper submitted by Apple to the open-access repository ArXiv details the development of MM1, a family of multimodal LLMs. Analysts expect Apple to unveil new AI features based on its own models at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

Overall, Apple's potential partnership with Google highlights the company's recognition of the importance of AI in its future products. By leveraging both external and internal AI technology, Apple is positioning itself to remain competitive in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.


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