Apple issues critical iOS update for security vulnerabilities

Tech giant Apple has released an update for its iOS operating system, just weeks after its previous update. iOS 17.1.2 was made available to the public on November 30 and aims to patch two security exploits that were documented in the previous release. Apple is urging its customers to download the update as soon as possible, stating that it provides important security fixes.

The company was expected to release iOS 17.2 later this month with new features and bug fixes, but the security issues prompted them to prioritize the update. The security notes accompanying the update mention two fixes for WebKit, which is Apple's web browser engine. It is stated that "processing web content" may lead to the disclosure of sensitive information and arbitrary code execution.

The iOS 17.1.2 update does not include any new features for users. It can be downloaded through the Software Update function in the iPhone's settings app. Law enforcement agencies across the United States are also warning iPhone users about a feature called NameDrop, which was released with iOS 17.1.1. This feature allows for easy sharing of contact information and photos between iPhones by simply holding the phones close together. The default setting for this feature is "ON," which could result in users unknowingly sharing their contact information with others.

In other news, Apple has recently agreed to pay $25 million to settle allegations of hiring discrimination against US citizens and permanent residents. The settlement comes after claims that Apple favored visa holders for job positions over qualified American workers. Apple has not made any comments regarding this settlement.

Overall, Apple's latest iOS update aims to address security vulnerabilities, and users are encouraged to download it promptly. The update does not bring any new features but focuses on fixing existing issues. Additionally, the company is facing allegations of hiring discrimination, which it has agreed to settle for $25 million.


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