Airline CEO says Boeing needs strong engineering lead to fix crisis

Emirates president Tim Clark recently shared his thoughts on the leadership situation at Boeing, suggesting that the best way to address the company's challenges is to have an engineer in charge. Clark emphasized the importance of prioritizing safety and quality in the company's governance model. He also mentioned that the International Association of Machinists, a labor union representing Boeing employees, is seeking representation on the board to ensure that the voices of factory workers are heard in decision-making processes.

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun recently announced his resignation, with his departure set for the end of the year. This move comes after a period of turbulence for the company, including a Max-related crisis involving an Alaska Airlines 737 Max 9. Some experts have weighed in on the situation, suggesting that Boeing should consider hiring an engineer as its next CEO. They believe that a strong background in aeronautical engineering, aircraft design, and manufacturing is essential for the company's leadership.

Stephanie Pope, a 30-year veteran of Boeing, has been appointed as the company's first female CEO, replacing Stan Deal. Some experts have also suggested that Boeing may benefit from looking outside the company for its next CEO to bring in fresh perspectives and expertise.

The recent leadership changes at Boeing come after previous CEO Dennis Muilenburg, an engineer, was fired following two 737 Max 8 crashes that resulted in the deaths of 346 people. The company has faced criticism for not having enough engineers in top leadership positions, leading to concerns about safety and quality control.

In conclusion, the future of Boeing's leadership remains uncertain as the company navigates ongoing challenges and works to rebuild trust with stakeholders. The appointment of Stephanie Pope as CEO and the search for a new leader with a strong engineering background indicate a shift in priorities for the planemaker. Only time will tell if these changes will be enough to address Boeing's issues and ensure a successful future.


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