Airbnb prohibits indoor security camera use

Airbnb, the popular home-sharing platform, has announced a new policy prohibiting the use of indoor security cameras in all of its listings worldwide, regardless of their purpose or location. This policy change, which will go into effect on April 30, is aimed at simplifying Airbnb's approach to security cameras and other devices within rental properties.

Previously, hosts were permitted to use indoor security cameras in common areas of a property, such as hallways and living rooms, as long as it was disclosed on the listing page before booking. However, cameras were not allowed in areas like bathrooms and bedrooms. The updated policy now bans indoor security cameras altogether, providing greater clarity for both hosts and guests.

Juniper Downs, Airbnb's head of community policy and partnerships, stated that the update was based on conversations with guests, hosts, and privacy experts, and is intended to provide a clear understanding of what to expect on the platform. Downs emphasized that the majority of listings on Airbnb do not have security cameras, so the impact of this policy change is expected to be minimal.

While indoor security cameras are now prohibited, hosts are still permitted to use devices like doorbell cameras and noise decibel monitors to monitor security for their homes. However, hosts must disclose the presence of outdoor cameras and noise monitors before guests book their stay. Outdoor cameras cannot monitor indoor spaces or areas where there is a greater expectation of privacy.

Overall, Airbnb's new policy on security cameras aims to strike a balance between ensuring the safety and security of guests while respecting their privacy. By providing clear guidelines for hosts, Airbnb hopes to maintain trust and confidence in its platform for both hosts and guests alike.


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