AI has skills to replace workers in these 10 jobs

A recent report by jobs site Indeed has found that generative AI, specifically the GPT-4 version of the ChatGPT tool, has the potential to impact almost every job in America. The researchers analyzed over 55 million job postings from August 2022 to July 2023 and identified more than 2,600 skills that employers were seeking. They then studied how well ChatGPT could perform these skills, using both the AI tool itself and human expertise to evaluate its capabilities.

The researchers concluded that every job on Indeed's platform had some exposure to generative AI, with about two-thirds of jobs being moderately exposed and 20% being highly exposed. These numbers indicate that ChatGPT could perform at least half of the skills listed in job postings for the majority of roles. However, it's important to note that while ChatGPT can perform some skills, there are still certain tasks that require a human touch, such as driving a car or providing hospitality.

The report also examined the 25 most common jobs posted on Indeed during the analyzed period, which accounted for 22% of all job postings. Among these jobs, the researchers found that the ones with the most postings tended to be the least exposed to generative AI. However, ChatGPT was already capable of performing many of the skills associated with these roles, including business operation, language, and communication.

The report highlighted 10 popular jobs that were most exposed to generative AI, including delivery drivers, cashiers, medical assistants, retail sales associates, shift leaders, technicians, customer service representatives, and administrative assistants. For each of these roles, ChatGPT was able to perform at least half of the associated skills, but there were still limitations. For example, in the case of delivery drivers, ChatGPT was poor at vehicle operation skills, which were mentioned in over 75% of job postings.


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