AI dating app finds perfect match based on facial recognition

SciMatch, a dating app that claims to use social science and artificial intelligence (AI) to match compatible partners, is gaining attention in the online dating world. The app differentiates itself by only requiring users to upload a single selfie instead of creating a detailed dating profile. It then utilizes an AI algorithm to analyze the personality traits it identifies in the user's face and suggests potential partners based on their compatible traits. The app was launched last year by Yanina and Viktoryia Strylets, who are graduates in data science and computer science respectively.

The app is based on a study that explored the correlation between facial images and self-reported personality characteristics. The study concluded that machine learning can recognize personalized features based on static facial features. However, it also noted that using profile images of subjects in addition to facial recognition can increase the accuracy of AI-driven systems.

Yanina Strylets claims that the SciMatch AI algorithm, named A.I. Ruby, has been trained on a database of millions of faces associated with certain character traits. She asserts that the technology is more accurate than human judgment and accurately predicts character traits 87% of the time.

While the app has gained popularity and boasts a higher response rate than Tinder, some experts remain skeptical. Psychology professor Paul Eastwick describes the app as "complete wizardry" and suggests that there are limitations to relying solely on facial recognition for personality matching.

SciMatch is not the only company turning to AI to enhance the dating experience. Match Group, the owner of popular dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, and OkCupid, has also announced plans to integrate AI features into their platforms. Additionally, users are increasingly utilizing AI tools to help write profile bios and generate responses.

Overall, SciMatch's use of AI-powered facial recognition to match compatible partners is an innovative approach to online dating. While it claims to be highly accurate, some experts question the reliability of solely relying on facial recognition for personality matching. Nevertheless, the app's popularity suggests that there is a growing interest in integrating AI into the dating experience.


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