AI could surpass human capabilities in 5 years, says Nvidia CEO

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang made headlines on Friday when he suggested that artificial general intelligence (AGI) could potentially arrive within the next five years. Huang, who leads the world's leading maker of artificial intelligence chips, made these comments at an economic forum held at Stanford University.

According to Huang, the timeline for achieving AGI largely depends on how the goal of AGI is defined. He mentioned that if the definition of AGI is the ability to pass human tests, then AGI could arrive in as little as five years. However, Huang also acknowledged that there is still disagreement among scientists about how to describe how human minds work, which could potentially delay the achievement of AGI.

Huang also addressed the need for more chip factories, known as "fabs" in the industry, to support the expansion of the AI industry. While reports have indicated that many more fabs will be needed, Huang noted that each chip will also improve over time, which could limit the number of chips required by customers.

Nvidia's role as the leading designer of AI chips has driven massive growth in its stock price, with the company recently surpassing $2 trillion in market capitalization. The stock is up 70.8% so far in 2024, with a 244% increase over the past year and a 2,084% increase over the past five years.

Overall, Huang's comments have sparked discussion about the potential timeline for achieving AGI and the future growth of the AI industry. While some experts believe that AGI could arrive within the next five years, others caution that there are still significant challenges to overcome in the pursuit of AGI.


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