40% of companies admit to posting fake job listings this year

Job seekers in today's market are facing challenges, with new data revealing that some hiring managers may be exacerbating the situation. According to a survey by Resume Builder, as many as 4 in 10 companies have posted fake job listings this year, with 3 in 10 currently advertising for roles that aren't real.

These fake jobs are online listings for positions that companies are not actively hiring for, often used to collect resumes or for other reasons. While the proportion of companies posting fake jobs is significant, it does not necessarily mean that the majority of their listings are fake.

Stacie Haller, chief career advisor at Resume Builder, notes that the practice of posting fake jobs is not entirely new. Temp agencies have historically advertised for roles they do not currently have vacancies for, in order to have a pool of pre-vetted candidates ready when needed. However, Haller has observed that more traditional corporate companies are now adopting this strategy as well.

Hiring managers reported that they believe posting fake job listings has a positive impact on revenue, employee morale, and productivity. Despite these perceived benefits, Haller emphasizes that the practice erodes trust in the hiring landscape and can leave job seekers feeling disillusioned.

While applying to job listings online may not always be the most effective strategy, Haller recommends using them as a starting point and suggests checking the company's website and reaching out to the hiring manager directly.

Despite the challenges posed by fake job listings, there is some hope for job seekers. Companies that list non-existent openings often contact applicants who submit their information, and many of them go on to interview candidates for future opportunities.

In conclusion, navigating the job market can be challenging, but job seekers should remain proactive and diligent in their search. While fake job listings are a concerning trend, there are still opportunities for those who are persistent and strategic in their approach.


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